Monday, May 28, 2012

Flowers of Oak Ridge Reservation

I went on a few spring wildflower hikes, one at Haw Ridge Park, Frozen Head State Park and Oak Ridge Reservation.  The best of them all was at Oak Ridge Reservation which I wrote about last time, but did not post pictures of the flowers.  What set this trip apart from a trip to Haw Ridge with my housemate and another guided hike at Frozen Head was that there were flowers here that I did not see elsewhere.  In addition, the guided tour was very educational and the lack of trail added variety.  Unfortunately, being on a guided hike with a group of people, I didn't have time to assure all of the pictures were in focus, but here they are:


These below were the highlight of the hike.  At the end of the hike we got to this cave that is only visible when the water levels are low.  Along the walls of the cave was a "cave covering" of these gorgeous delicate white flowers.  Mixed in with the white flowers were these beautiful purple flowers.  The problem with posting entries 6 weeks afterward is that the names of all these flowers escape me.  Sorry!

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