Monday, June 4, 2012

Lake Tahoe

I've been thinking about South Lake Tahoe for the past few days.  Not sure how much this trips fits in with my blog, seeing that it's not easy to replicate this experience, and if you were to, it would not actually be cheap.  A friend used to let us borrow his vacation house on occasion, which is right on the shore of Lake Tahoe, where there aren't that many other houses (compared to the North Shore).  Lake Tahoe is beautiful, as you can see, but what I like so much about it is that it's surrounded by gorgeous mountains.  Other than living in a rental house for free, we usually eat in (it's more fun to cook in a gorgeous kitchen) except for one meal at Burger Lounge (try their garlic fries!) and except for an afternoon shopping trip, most of our activities have only cost gas and time.

Emerald Bay from Vikingsholm
Emerald Bay from Inspiration Vista Point
Emerald Bay at nearly sunset
Lower Eagle Falls overlooking Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe in the back

Eagle Falls
Eagle Falls
Eagle Falls
The hike up to Eagle Falls was pretty quick, like 15 minutes, and the payoff was amazing.  It makes a difference when you visit.  The waterfalls are all in this area all depend on the snow to melt.  As a result, June is probably the best time to visit because it's warm enough for more snow to melt.  Once when I was there, I saw the mountaintop covered with snow in the beginning of the trip but by the end, there was barely any snow left.  The snow provides a beautiful contrast with the mountains.
My nephew, luckily the second time around he chose to pose in a safer location
Lower Glen Alpine Falls, near Fallen Leaf Lake
Lower Glen Alpine Falls
Fallen Leaf Lake
Rainbow Trail
A view of Pope Beach from the dock
Almost sunset on the dock

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  1. Looks amazing! That house is beautiful, and I love the mountains as well! :)