Thursday, March 29, 2012

Home and Garden Dogwood Tour

Despite my previous post with all the set dates, spring has arrived way too early so the blossoms have peaked and some even past their prime. So today after work I drove around the 2009 featured Dogwood Trail in Oak Ridge. Please excuse the quality of the photos as some of the pictures were taken ::whispers:: while I was driving. :P Whoops. Actually, I don't think I can use that excuse because the pictures I took while driving were not that great (Who's surprised?!) so I'm pretty sure the pictures here were all the ones that I pulled off the road to photograph.


  1. Very pretty! Fun to find things that you can enjoy close to home--a mini-adventure in your neighborhood :)

    Too bad this crazy weather means the flowers might wither sooner though!

  2. Yeah! I loved that it was just a short drive away but still super fun and there was a sense of discovery, as though I were in a new place. Which I sorta was because I've never that street in the spring.